Piet Peere - ArtistPainting, based on the things in my memory, gives me the greatest formal freedom but is at the same time, the most difficult way to express myself in a plastic art form.
A photo can inspire me, but it is not meant to be copied or reproduced by any means or in any technique.
When I create, I don't use a fixed pattern, but I still need a thoroughly preparation.
When I get rid of those primal scetches, I discover new and unpredictable ways. This creates a tension between the pleasure of creating and the risk of failure to achieve a certain goal.

My work is not classical. The emphasis is timeless because, in my opinion, art must transcend the spirit of the times.
Art must be of all times

Creating is my biggest challenge. If the adventure of creation shouldn't be there, any artistic expression would fade into an everyday jobĀ 

Artistic creation is my mission, it only has a purpose in the visible world. When the game of life is played I will put my cards on the table and see how soul has evolved during the process